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  • Improved quality and easier administration online

    Local authorities depend on geodata: information about roads, nature conservation, soil types, environmental impact and so on... more
  • Increased collaboration across municipal borders

    Many municipal operations are built on regional collaboration. However, it is not always easy to exchange and use geodata across municipal borders... more
  • Accurate information means faster response to disasters

    To help drivers choose the safest route, the Swedish County Councils recommend roads and parking facilities that are suitable for hazardous goods... more

Sweden is building

infrastructure for geodata


Finding and evaluating geodata and services


How does it work?
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How does it work?
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National regulation

Image illustrating page National regulation

Regulation of the Swedish implementation of INSPIRE

The Act and Ordinance on...


Image illustrating page NSDI

The National geodata strategy.

An infrastructure for geoda...

The Geodata Portal

Image illustrating page The Geodata Portal

Using the Geodata Portal

You can use the Geodata Portal to: discover geographic da...